15% Off {THE AND} and Honest X Complete: CODE LOVE2023

15% Off {THE AND} and Honest X Complete: CODE LOVE2023

If You're Wondering About... Cheating

Our participants share with their current and past significant others how they’re healing from cheating in their relationships and how they feel about it.

If You're Wondering About...Marriage

In this episode, couples talk with their respective partners about the trials and tribulations of marriage and how all of that is worth it when you find the one to love forever and share life with.

[VIDEO] If You're Wondering About... Weddings

In this episode, couples share what they look forward to in their upcoming weddings and the planning journey they’ve been on: including preparation shenanigans and the excitement of starting a life together.

[VIDEO] What Have I Taught You About Love? | {THE AND} Mildred & York

Married couple Mildred (she/her) and York (he/him) met when they were young and had an instant connection where they told each other all of their 'business'. The couple steps into {THE AND} space to talk about their relationship and life together, each of their relationships with God, and how they communicate.

We'd like to thank Mildred and York for participating openly & vulnerably in our project. We appreciate what they've shared with us and hope you do as well.