Crying Is Healthy, Crying Is Great | {THE AND} Sabriya & Keith

Crying Is Healthy, Crying Is Great | {THE AND} Sabriya & Keith

Sabriya (she/her) and Keith (he/him) are engaged! This is Keith's third time on {THE AND}, and we honestly couldn't be more grateful that we got to share this experience with him and Sabriya. The foundation of their relationship is very strongly built over heaps of support, understanding, deep listening, and compassion. They have both been through really tough situations individually and as a couple and have found healing in each other's love and company. Their bond has represented a huge support pillar since the very early stages of their 5-year journey together, and they will continue to be each other's rock through their relationship.

The Skin Deep thanks both Sabriya and Keith for sharing such a vulnerable conversation. We see and appreciate the courage it takes to step into discomfort and address painful matters. We can't thank them enough.

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