Never Take Life For Granted | {THE AND} Laura & Brad

Never Take Life For Granted | {THE AND} Laura & Brad

Laura (she/her) and Brad (he/him) have been married for 20 years. The loss of their son, Brady, has been the most challenging and significant test their relationship and family have ever faced. Despite this, through immense support, love, resilience, understanding, and compassion, they have managed to strengthen their bond. Living a life their son would be proud of, they've become each other's rock, demonstrating remarkable courage in expressing their raw emotions and allowing others in. Both have grown admirably self-aware and introspective, breaking down their walls and embracing vulnerability.

The Skin Deep expresses eternal gratitude to the Bookser family for trusting us with their story. We genuinely recognize and appreciate the courage and bravery in their vulnerability. We hope their narrative serves as inspiration for those facing loss or navigating tough times. Thank you, Laura and Brad, for sharing your precious time with us.

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