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Save 15% Off Self Decks For Self Awareness Week: Code- SELFWEEK22


If You're Wondering About...Marriage

In this episode, couples talk with their respective partners about the trials and tribulations of marriage and how all of that is worth it when you find the one to love forever and share life with.

[VIDEO] If You're Wondering About... Weddings

In this episode, couples share what they look forward to in their upcoming weddings and the planning journey they’ve been on: including preparation shenanigans and the excitement of starting a life together.

[VIDEO] Joy & Andrew’s Relationship Journey

Joy (she/her) and Andrew (he/him) have been marching to their own beat throughout their whole relationship. This video is an ode to the journey they’ve been through together as seen on their conversations on {THE AND}: navigating if marriage was for them, quitting their jobs, and even embarking into an adventure full of spontaneous decisions.

[VIDEO] Sidra & Ben's Journey Into Parenthood

When we first met Ben and Sidra, they were expecting their first child and unaware of how her impending arrival would affect their relationships and change their lives. The two have stepped back into {THE AND} space time and time again to discuss those changes, reflect on their past, and how they've grown.

7 Ways to Reconnect with Your Partner

We all need time to relax and connect with our loved ones. This is often essential in making a relationship work and in the long run, the best way to maintain happiness in our lives. It’s also arguably the hardest thing to do asit’s all too easy to let adult life - with so many distractions - to get in the way. Many people inadvertently put aside intimate relational priorities for other more pressing items. If this is you: here’s an invitation to reconnect with your partner, starting today. Based on the 8 years of hosting our project {THE AND}, in which we invited literally hundreds of couples to converse in a vulnerable, honest space, here are some basic tips for how to reconnect with your loved one.