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10% OFF {THE AND} Decks All Month! CODE:UNPLUG10


Exes: Maybe That’s Not In Our Story | {THE AND} Joanne & Ahmad

Joanne (she/her) and Ahmad (he/him) broke up a year ago and took the decision to stay friends. They still care a lot about each other and look out for one another. They entered {THE AND} space to talk about memories, and lingering feelings from the romantic relationship, as well as the challenges they are facing in their current friendship.

The Skin Deep 2023 Valentine's Day Playlist

Explore love in all its shapes and stages with The Skin Deep Valentine's Day Playlist 2023. Featuring 5 community favorite videos, you're sure to enjoy watching these with that special someone/s. 

Our Love is Like a Beautiful Sunset | {THE AND} Jasmyn & Celeste

Jasmyn (she/her) and Celeste (she/her) know each other since middle school and were in a romantic relationship 7 years ago. They have given their love a second chance and they recently got together again. As they navigate the challenges their current connection is giving them, they also cherish and are grateful for what they have and how far they’ve become as individuals and as a couple.

Exes: I Wouldn’t Change A Single Thing | {THE AND} Aubrey & Shei

 Aubrey (she/her) and Shei (she/they) have been dating on and off for about 3 years and have decided to take a break from their romantic relationship. Yet, they still live together and are trying to navigate their post-breakup feelings. They both agree that they will always care for one another despite the title of their relationship.

If You're Wondering About... Cheating

Our participants share with their current and past significant others how they’re healing from cheating in their relationships and how they feel about it.

[VIDEO] If You're Wondering About... Non-Monogamy

From open dating to ethical non-monogamy, our participants discuss their thoughts and feelings on having more than one partner. They share why they chose to do so and the trials and tribulations of this matter.