Save 15% Off Self Decks For Self Awareness Week: Code- SELFWEEK22

Save 15% Off Self Decks For Self Awareness Week: Code- SELFWEEK22


[VIDEO] If You're Wondering About... Non-Monogamy

From open dating to ethical non-monogamy, our participants discuss their thoughts and feelings on having more than one partner. They share why they chose to do so and the trials and tribulations of this matter.

[VIDEO] Asking Blind Dates "How Would You Seduce Me?" | {THE AND} Relationship Project

Blind Dates can be really nerve-wracking...BUT if you come to them with the right questions some of the pressures, expectations, and even lulls in conversations may go away. Check out our latest video where our blind daters get to the point right away.

12 Challenging Questions to Ask in a Romantic Relationship

What are the fundamental questions to ask yourself if you want to know whether you are in a healthy, dynamic and resilient relationship? What are the most important questions to get to know someone?

I want to share with you the 12 questions I’ve seen work that draw out key conversations that catalyze insight into finding these answers. 

This insight is derived from  {THE AND} Project in which my team and I at The Skin Deep hosted over a thousand conversations between people over the last 8 years in the endeavor of building a library of human connection. These are deep questions to ask that I’ve seen work time and time again, regardless of sexual expression, polyamorous or monogamous, queer or not, new or long term. 

7 Ways to Reconnect with Your Partner

We all need time to relax and connect with our loved ones. This is often essential in making a relationship work and in the long run, the best way to maintain happiness in our lives. It’s also arguably the hardest thing to do asit’s all too easy to let adult life - with so many distractions - to get in the way. Many people inadvertently put aside intimate relational priorities for other more pressing items. If this is you: here’s an invitation to reconnect with your partner, starting today. Based on the 8 years of hosting our project {THE AND}, in which we invited literally hundreds of couples to converse in a vulnerable, honest space, here are some basic tips for how to reconnect with your loved one.