The Bridge May 13, 2024

The Bridge May 13, 2024

 Welcome to the first weekly edition of The Bridge for May 13, 2024.

Fresh Content: The Bridge Episode 25

In this episode of GUTS, Topaz explains why we should all stay in difficult conversations no matter how challenging they can be. Living in such a polarized and conflictive world, we need to learn how to truly listen to each other in order for the entire world to do so too.

When You Know, You Know

From the moment they laid eyes on each other, through traveling together, proposing, getting married, having children, and even the simple moments of everyday life, our participants revisit some of their most cherished moments in their relationships.
"What are your three favorite memories we share and why do you cherish them?"—the first question in the book—the question that initiates a magical conversation and opens the door to vulnerability and intimacy through lovely memories. Here are some of the answers we received from the beautiful "12 Questions for Love" shoot last November in New York City.

 All New Editions

If you're seeking to enjoy some quality time with loved ones following Mother's Day, we offer the perfect experience for you!
{THE AND} Moms Edition offers a digital repertoire of 199 questions, inviting you and the maternal figure in your life to embark on a journey of connection, fostering a bond steeped in love and understanding.
{THE AND} On Motherhood Edition presents a collection of 199 thought-provoking questions, designed to delve into the realms of motherhood with anyone dear to you: be it your partner, sibling, friend, or beyond. 
Let's embrace the power of these conversations to enrich our understanding and appreciation of the joys and challenges of motherhood.

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