About us

In 2014, we launched an interactive documentary project called {THE AND}.

The premise was simple: film an emotional conversation between two people as they asked intimate questions, and invite the viewer into their emotional space. Well, it took off. 55 million views later (and an Emmy, nbd), we decided to fully dedicate ourselves to the pursuit of documenting human connection in the digital age.

Six years later, we’ve filmed over 700 honest and authentic conversations in 17 places around the world as we continue to collect (and reflect) upon the spectrum of human emotion through {THE AND} and {THE AND} Online, as we create space for vulnerability, openness, and deep listening through dialogue.

Our end goal is to build the world’s first digital database of human connection - a searchable public library of feelings, if you will.


Our Purpose + Values

We've created an interactive document outlining our values and purpose at THE SKIN DEEP. We welcome all comments, suggestions, questions (and even criticism) as we continue our mission to operate with full transparency. Click here to add your feedback!


{THE AND} Card Games

We also launched {THE AND} card game as a way to bring {THE AND} experience home. With 199 questions per deck, the cards allow people to easily experience more meaningful connections from literally anywhere.

With nine different relationship-specific editions (and many more in the works), sales from these cards allow us to develop even more interactive storytelling platforms, such as THE DIG (which garnered our second World Press Photo for Immersive Storytelling), THE WINDOW, and SENIOR ORIENTATION, as we are further explore the new frontier of relationships in this modern age. 

Our Team

Our team, based primarily out of Brooklyn, NY,  is a group of talented creatives who live the core values of THE SKIN DEEP: integrity, authenticity - and above all - the recognition that there is value in every conversation and something to be learned from every person, challenge or moment...

Our diverse group of 10 comes from different backgrounds with differing world views, but always maintains the same common goal: to foster more meaningful connection through more thoughtful interaction.


At THE SKIN DEEP, our core values are our compass:


We exist to contribute to human consciousness through the creations we offer and our connections with one another.


Dive In

Ready to dive in? You can see more of our work here: