Explore, Experience, Expand

Choose your path to new conversations from a range of exciting and immersive experiences.

Explore Personal Relationships

THE AND} is more than a card game, it's an experience that creates a little more space for a lot more openness, honesty and vulnerability - no judgement. If you want to start asking bigger questions and get to know someone beyond the surface, this game is for you.

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Explore Sex and Intimacy

Honest X is designed to reposition the way you engage and approach your most intimate desires while offering an array of perspectives that help unravel taboo, stigma, and discomfort while uncovering what sexuality means to you.

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Explore Globally & Instantly

From our downloadable digital toolkits to the official {THE AND} mobile app, you can now create meaningful and enriching experiences at the push of a button. Create conversations locally or globally in the app and share videos of your experiences with others.

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Our Story

We are a small team working around the world to bring our exciting projects to life as we explore, illuminate, and amplify the rich spectrum of humanity through our immersive experiences.

We are an Emmy award-winning creative studio dedicated to exploring human connection in the digital age.

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We place 3% of our net profits into a donation pool.

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Our values

The work we present has a level of integrity. It's not built for virality, but to offer value - both now and for the long-term. We could easily create content that's more watchable and shareable by making it more contentious, shorter, or salacious, but we check ourselves against the integrity of the project as a whole.