Limited Edition SPRING BREAK Bundle This Week Only!

Limited Edition SPRING BREAK Bundle This Week Only!


How To Create Memorable Stays At Your Short Term Rental With {THE AND} Card Games

If you’re a short-term rental owner, most likely your goal is to make your property as appealing as possible to potential future guests. This means not only providing a clean and comfortable space, but also offering amenities and experiences that will enhance their stay and set you apart from your competition, which is increasing every day. One way to do this is by providing gifts for your guests to enjoy during their stay. Gift could include wine, souvenirs, or even entertainment, such as {THE AND} relationship card games.

The Skin Deep 2023 Valentine's Day Playlist

Explore love in all its shapes and stages with The Skin Deep Valentine's Day Playlist 2023. Featuring 5 community favorite videos, you're sure to enjoy watching these with that special someone/s. 

Vulnerability Is Not Weakness {THE AND} Manny And Lucho

Manny (he/him) and Lucho (he/him) are son and father, and it’s the first time they enter {THE AND} space ever. They’ve always been very close, yet there are multiple topics they don’t exactly agree on because of the different ways they were both raised. Lucho, being a Mexican immigrant parent, thinks vulnerability is something you cannot show; while Manny thinks taking care of your own mental health is very important.

[VIDEO] Sharing Vulnerability | {THE AND} Relationship Project

Being vulnerable can be scary, but it also can be quite beautiful. In this compilation, our participants talk about a moment in their lives where they think they were the most vulnerable, and what they learned from that.

New Summer Updates To {THE AND} Mobile App

We've adding new features like the ability to login through popular social media platforms, improved performance and functionality, and added the Coworkers, Long-Term Couples, and Strangers Edition.

[VIDEO] What Makes Us Family? | {THE AND} Relationship Project

While the definition of the world family usually relates to blood-relation, it. might not always be the case. These relationships show us that family comes in all different forms.

As we explore new perspectives we invite you to step into the emotional space of connection and experience the deeper lessons that shared experiences can afford humanity. To everyone who has participated openly and vulnerably in our project - we appreciate what you have shared with us and hope others do as well.