15% Off {THE AND} and Honest X Complete: CODE LOVE2023

15% Off {THE AND} and Honest X Complete: CODE LOVE2023

Gifting Each Other The Happiness We Deserve | {THE AND} Max & Osh

 Max (she/they) and Osh (he/him) met online through a dating app and have been dating for the past 9 months. In this video they discuss living together, their instant connection, feeling vulnerable with each other because of their queerness, and having a family in the future.

Exes: I Wouldn’t Change A Single Thing | {THE AND} Aubrey & Shei

 Aubrey (she/her) and Shei (she/they) have been dating on and off for about 3 years and have decided to take a break from their romantic relationship. Yet, they still live together and are trying to navigate their post-breakup feelings. They both agree that they will always care for one another despite the title of their relationship.

[VIDEO] If You're Wondering About… Living As A Trans Person

In this episode people share their experiences about undergoing gender transition and what that meant not only for them but their loved ones.