15% Off {THE AND} and Honest X Complete: CODE LOVE2023

15% Off {THE AND} and Honest X Complete: CODE LOVE2023

If You're Wondering About... Women Loving Women

In this episode women share both cute and emotionally deep moments full of love with their partners, showing how beautiful their feelings for each other are.

[VIDEO] If You're Wondering About... Non-Monogamy

From open dating to ethical non-monogamy, our participants discuss their thoughts and feelings on having more than one partner. They share why they chose to do so and the trials and tribulations of this matter.

[VIDEO] This Is My Home, I’m With The Person I Love | {THE AND} Moisés & Alicia

Moisés (they/them) and Alicia (she/her) are non-monogamous partners since 4 years ago. They live together in Mexico and hope to have a big cat empire of their own; so far they’re 7 cats in. They sat down in {THE AND} space to reflect on how their relationship has changed over the years and the challenges they’ve overcame together.

[VIDEO] If You're Wondering About... Being Appreciated Through Love

People share how their respective partners love feels like, the ups and downs of being together and how, after many years, the feeling of appreciation is still there and growing.

[VIDEO] What Have I Taught You About Love? | {THE AND} Mildred & York

Married couple Mildred (she/her) and York (he/him) met when they were young and had an instant connection where they told each other all of their 'business'. The couple steps into {THE AND} space to talk about their relationship and life together, each of their relationships with God, and how they communicate.

We'd like to thank Mildred and York for participating openly & vulnerably in our project. We appreciate what they've shared with us and hope you do as well.

12 Challenging Questions to Ask in a Romantic Relationship

What are the fundamental questions to ask yourself if you want to know whether you are in a healthy, dynamic and resilient relationship? What are the most important questions to get to know someone?

I want to share with you the 12 questions I’ve seen work that draw out key conversations that catalyze insight into finding these answers. 

This insight is derived from  {THE AND} Project in which my team and I at The Skin Deep hosted over a thousand conversations between people over the last 8 years in the endeavor of building a library of human connection. These are deep questions to ask that I’ve seen work time and time again, regardless of sexual expression, polyamorous or monogamous, queer or not, new or long term.