10% OFF {THE AND} Decks All Month! CODE:UNPLUG10

10% OFF {THE AND} Decks All Month! CODE:UNPLUG10


[VIDEO] If You're Wondering About... Non-Monogamy

From open dating to ethical non-monogamy, our participants discuss their thoughts and feelings on having more than one partner. They share why they chose to do so and the trials and tribulations of this matter.

[VIDEO] This Is My Home, I’m With The Person I Love | {THE AND} Moisés & Alicia

Moisés (they/them) and Alicia (she/her) are non-monogamous partners since 4 years ago. They live together in Mexico and hope to have a big cat empire of their own; so far they’re 7 cats in. They sat down in {THE AND} space to reflect on how their relationship has changed over the years and the challenges they’ve overcame together.