Limited Edition SPRING BREAK Bundle This Week Only!

Limited Edition SPRING BREAK Bundle This Week Only!


Your Love Feels Like The Sun | {THE AND} Sophie & Jose Angel

Sophie (they/she) & Jose Angel (he/him) are daughter and father, and have a special spiritual connection. Jose Angel was diagnosed with long COVID. This means that his thinking process and communication skills have been affected. He sometimes confuses words, finds it difficult to read, or even express himself. Sophie is now his primary caregiver. On today’s video, they talk about visiting Mexico together, and if Sophie still needs their father approval.

Are You Happy That We Moved To The U.S.? | {THE AND} Nicole & Oscar

Nicole (she/her) & Oscar (he/him) are daughter and father. They have a really close relationship and enjoy spending time together. On today’s video, they talk about their immigration story as a family, cultural differences, and what would have happened if they’ve stayed in Mexico.

Thank God For Being Able to Cry | {THE AND} Kenna & Jose

Kenna (she/her) & Jose (he/him) are daughter and father. They talk about parents living through their children and what they do, Jose’s immigration journey, and they both agree that crying is truly a good thing.

I Wasn’t Trying to Hurt You | {THE AND} Leslie & Martin

Leslie (she/her) and Martin (he/him) are daughter and father and this is their first time entering {THE AND} space. They talked about cultural differences and how the language barrier sometimes comes up when they’re having arguments. Despite this, they’ve been there for each other through every up and through every down.

Vulnerability Is Not Weakness {THE AND} Manny And Lucho

Manny (he/him) and Lucho (he/him) are son and father, and it’s the first time they enter {THE AND} space ever. They’ve always been very close, yet there are multiple topics they don’t exactly agree on because of the different ways they were both raised. Lucho, being a Mexican immigrant parent, thinks vulnerability is something you cannot show; while Manny thinks taking care of your own mental health is very important.

[VIDEO] 7 Moments of Fatherly Love

An ode to all dads out there who are trying their best to exercise paternity in a loving, caring and fulfilling way. We see you, we appreciate you. As we explore new perspectives we invite you to step into the emotional space of connection and experience the deeper lessons that shared experiences can afford humanity. To everyone who has participated openly and vulnerably in our project - we appreciate what you have shared with us and hope others do as well.