Summer Of Connection: The Skin Deep July Newsletter

Summer Of Connection: The Skin Deep July Newsletter

We hope you’re all well and basking in the warmth of July! Summer is in full swing, and here at The Skin Deep, we have some exciting updates and news to share with you.


Summer Bundle Sale Extravaganza!


Throughout the entire month of July, we've been running a sensational 10% off bundle sale on every single bundle sitewide! That’s on top of already discounted bundle prices. It's the perfect opportunity to dive deep into meaningful conversations and strengthen the connections with your loved ones. Whether you're looking to explore new facets of your relationships or simply want to have heartwarming conversations with friends, our card decks are designed to create unforgettable moments.


Independence Day Celebration


We hope your Fourth of July was filled with joy, fireworks, and delightful connections. To add a little extra sparkle to your celebrations, we offered a fantastic $4 discount on all our card decks! It was our way of commemorating the spirit of independence and fostering even deeper connections among our community.


Fresh Perspectives: New {THE AND} Videos

 Sarah & Mary_Thumbnail_Youtube

We are thrilled to announce the release of three brand new {THE AND} videos! These intimate and authentic conversations offer unique perspectives on various relationships and emotions. As always, we aim to spark empathy and open dialogue through our thought-provoking content. Head over to our blog or YouTube channel to catch these captivating stories and perhaps discover aspects of yourself in the process.


Save the Date: Share Humanity Day

 share humanity day teaser image

As we embrace the last days of July, we eagerly anticipate the upcoming celebration of Share Humanity Day during the first week of August. This is a time to reflect on the shared values that unite us all—compassion, empathy, and understanding. Our mission at The Skin Deep has always been to foster meaningful connections and create a world where empathy and kindness prevail. Share Humanity Day is a reminder that we are all part of a vast and interconnected tapestry of humanity.


To mark this special occasion, we have some exciting surprises planned for you. Stay tuned on our website and social media platforms to be part of the festivities and enjoy exclusive offers.


Join Our Growing Community


If you haven't already, we invite you to join our vibrant and supportive community on social media or subscribe to our newsletter. Connect with like-minded individuals, share your experiences, and be part of a movement that believes in the power of vulnerability and authentic connections. Together, we can create positive change, one conversation at a time.


In Conclusion


Thank you for being an essential part of The Skin Deep community. Your support, engagement, and enthusiasm drive us to continue creating meaningful content and experiences. We hope our July updates have brought a smile to your face and excitement to your heart.


As we look forward to the Share Humanity Day celebrations and beyond, let's remember that meaningful connections can be a powerful force in a world that often feels disconnected. Let us come together to understand, appreciate, and embrace each other's unique journeys.


Wishing you a beautiful rest of the month and looking forward to connecting with you all in August!


With love and gratitude,


The Skin Deep Team

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