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10% OFF {THE AND} Decks All Month! CODE:UNPLUG10


I’m Not Gonna Win ‘Best Dad’ Award | {THE AND} Junior & Chris

Junior (he/him) and Chris (he/him) are son and father, and they’re currently trying to improve their relationship. On today’s video, they talk about not agreeing on everything, Junior’s transition, making peace with not having all the answers, and what unconditional love means.

Building Family Bonds With {THE AND} Family Edition Card Game

Playing {THE AND} Family Edition card game can help families understand each other better. The game encourages families to ask each other questions and share their experiences. This allows families to learn about each other's perspectives, values, and beliefs. By understanding each other better, families can work together to resolve conflicts and build stronger relationships.

If You're Wondering About... The Multiple Facets of Parenthood

Parents, couples, sons and daughters talk about the challenges, the hardships and the blessings of parenthood. And how that looks to each one of them from their own perspective.

If You're Wondering About... Parents' Advice To Their Kids

Parents share a little bit of wisdom with their kids about what they’d advice them to do about different topics: dating, feelings, and life in general.

If You're Wondering About... How Kids See Their Parents

 Children share their unique POV about their parents. What could they do better? What are they great at? Would they change anything about their dynamic?

[VIDEO] Sidra & Ben's Journey Into Parenthood

When we first met Ben and Sidra, they were expecting their first child and unaware of how her impending arrival would affect their relationships and change their lives. The two have stepped back into {THE AND} space time and time again to discuss those changes, reflect on their past, and how they've grown.