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Have You Experienced {THE AND}?

{THE AND} is more than a card game, it's an experience that creates a little more space for a lot more openness, honesty and vulnerability - no judgement. If you want to start asking bigger questions and get to know someone beyond the surface, this game is for you.

More Than a Game, [THE AND} is An Experience

-199 cards with thought-provoking questions per deck

- 12 Unique decks for a wide variety of relationships

-Countless hours of fun meaningful conversations with your friends / family / partners

- Ideal for a gift - or for yourself

- 3 different languages available - English, Spanish, and German

- Mobile app and digital toolkits to play worldwide

Explore Your Relationships

A dozen different editions of {THE AND} for you to explore nearly every relationship in your life, from strangers, to family, and even coworkers. Explore them all and discover countless conversations.


Explore Instantly With {THE AND} Digital 

From our immersive Digital Toolkits, to the official {THE AND} mobile app, you can explore your relationships instantly with our digital products. Even more, with the app you can enjoy a wide variety of {THE AND] digital editions with people in the same room, as well as people around the world.

{THE AND} Mobile App

Enjoy {THE AND} relationship card game with partners, friends, family, exes, first dates, and even strangers as you ask and answer thought-provoking questions that inspire conversation and deep connection - anytime, anywhere.


With hundreds of powerful prompts at your fingertips, you can ask the questions you've been dying to know but were unsure how to ask, as you explore the relationships around you in greater depth. Based on the Emmy award-winning experience, {THE AND} explores the dynamics of modern relationships and human emotion in the digital age. This app us a fun and easy way to create the space for authentic, honest and vulnerable conversations. {THE AND} is the perfect way to spend cozy dinners with your friends, lazy Sundays with your partner, family holidays, lonely flights, or anywhere else human connection could use a little amplification through conversation.

{THE AND} Postcards

 Each unique, matte-printed postcard features a heartfelt expression of love, quoted from a real {THE AND} conversation. Fill out the prompts on the back, and send your lover something special.

What Our Community Is Saying About {THE AND}

The questions are DEEP and THOUGHTFUL and the answers that come with them are meaningful if you play with honest people. I seriously LOVE THIS GAME.

-Shainah X.

These cards are A CATALYST FOR DEEP, MEANINGFUL CONNECTION. No matter how long you've been with your partner, you will undoubtedly be surprised by some of their answers.

- E.M.

The cards helped ME AND MY MOM understand each other. Now we can really BE OPEN with each other and FORGIVE the things that happened in THE PAST.

- Cianne