{THE AND} Self Edition

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"The following questions aren't always what they seem, but they will lead you to a special place with powerful answers that will help guide your way."

{THE AND} is famous for it's ability to explore and deepen the relationships in your life. But what about the most important relationship you have? What about the relationship with yourself? 

Now you can have the questions that will help you answer the most challenging dilemmas you may face.

Seek no further. No need for a psychic, a therapist, or even a soothsayer. It's right here. Right now. All in beautiful purple. 

199 questions to illuminate answers you either forgot about or weren't aware were there. This is our latest deck and we are very excited about it. 

Super easy. Instructions are as follows. 

1. On a piece of paper, write down your intention, question, or dilemma. 

2. Select a question randomly from the deck & write down your answers. 

3. Continue choosing cards until you feel you've reached a conclusion. 

4. Now, re-read your answers on the piece of paper. Then save, burn, or bury the paper. 

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