{THE AND} Friends Edition
{THE AND} Friends Edition
{THE AND} Friends Edition
{THE AND} Friends Edition
{THE AND} Friends Edition
{THE AND} Friends Edition
{THE AND} Friends Edition

{THE AND} Friends Edition

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In our modern paradox of overcrowded loneliness, having friends who truly "get" us at the core level is becoming a rare phenomenon. While our social media feeds may overflow with acquaintances, how often do we cultivate friendships steeped in empathy, vulnerability and brave truth-telling?

It's time to break free from the superficial with {THE AND} Friends Edition cards. This carefully-crafted deck provides your portal to forging profound bonds that become lifelong soul kin through the power of authentic relating.

Gone are the days of awkward silences or resorting to commenting on the weather. The Friends Edition equips you with 199 masterfully-curated questions & prompts to naturally inspire captivating discussion flows rich with self-discovery:

✨Swap stories emblazoning your spiritual DNA on each other's hearts and minds 

✨Come clean about insecurities, hopes, wildest fantasies - and be embraced fully

✨Put political/religious/lifestyle differences on the table to understand one another

✨Reenact hilarious/poignant life moments taking on new light and meaning

✨Decode emotional linguistics and communication styles for deeper simpatico

Whether creating intimacy around the bonfire or reigniting dying embers after years apart, these cards serve as your trail markers to brave new depths of friendship territory. You'll emerge from every interaction feeling euphorically understood in ways words often fail to capture.

Think of it as the ideal social lubricant for any inner circle gathering: game nights, road trips, dinner parties, camping weekends and more. Where initially awkward silence dissipates as profound perspectives begin effortlessly flowing between you all.

With {THE AND} friends, acquainted strangers transform into impenetrable lifevestas. You'll share the magic of being witnessed at your most raw and untamed - and realize that's where you are cherished most.

There's nothing quite like locking in that rare breed of friendship where you're unconditionally accepted without facade. Imagine never having to filter yourself again...that's the intoxicating promise of {THE AND}. Level up to lifelong fulfillment by ordering your Friends Edition today!

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Real Conversations

For Friends

Enjoy new depth and joy in all your friendships. Experience deeper connection in your friendships with {THE AND} Friends Edition.

Laugh together, learn more about each other and connect at a deeper level with 199 well constructed questions and prompts you can use again and again for endless conversations.

Ready To Connect With Friends?

Pull out {THE AND} Friends edition at your next gathering and turn it into an unforgettable experience. Create the space for conversations you will remember forever. Perfect for weekends away, dinner parties and special events.

Learn something new about your oldest friends. Get past ‘same old, same old’ conversations with your closest friends. No matter how long you’ve been friends, find new ground to cover. Explore your connection, open up new surprises and depth.

The Friends Edition is also the perfect gift for any friend! Cherish your friendships and give the gift that will create joy every time you open the box and pull out a card. For the friend that has everything, the host, the organizer, the quiet one or the one who always has the answers…

Customer Reviews

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Sharece Thomas
Perfect timing

In an age where either people are absorbing so much information they are forgetting to actual connect, or they aren’t trained to think deeply about each other - THE AND is creating a space for people to show their intentions towards each other.


Delivered promptly, love the updates

Jeremy H.
Love It!

My wife and play the Couple's Edition and we wanted to introduce our friends to the game, so we bought the Friends Edition too :)

Roberto Hance Jr.

{THE AND} Friends Edition

A Closer Bond to an Already Close Friend

I made a friend surprisingly fast after an interaction at a social event with a workout community. I knew she would be a friend that I could have intelligent and engaging conversations with. We just recently celebrated our 4 year friendiversary, and I had the idea to introduce her to {The And} Friends edition. We thought we already covered all the deep conversations during our friendship, but we asked each other questions that really made us think even more deeper about ourselves and each other.

Thank you for allowing me to get to know my friend even more, and we only played 1 game so far!