{THE AND} Kids Edition
{THE AND} Kids Edition
{THE AND} Kids Edition
{THE AND} Kids Edition
{THE AND} Kids Edition
{THE AND} Kids Edition
{THE AND} Kids Edition
{THE AND} Kids Edition
{THE AND} Kids Edition

{THE AND} Kids Edition

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Nurture your child's boundless imagination and emotional intelligence.

In our hyper-stimulated age of curated digital realities, we often neglect cultivating the most vital asset for kids' success - their inner worlds of creativity, wonder and empathic awareness.

It's time to reclaim that fertile ground with {THE AND} Kids Edition cards. This lovingly-designed deck provides your children a whimsical portal into realms of curiosity, vulnerability and expansive self-discovery.

No more restless glazed-over stares or one-word responses. The Kids Edition enchants younger minds with 199 thoughtful, age-appropriate questions & prompts that spark their imaginative spirits open-up and discuss:

✨ Explore scenarios catapulting them into brave new storytelling adventures

✨ Uncover startling personal insights by projecting into other lives

✨ Freely share hopes, fears, frustrations they've never found the words to express

✨ Stretch emotional and cognitive muscles through conversation

✨ Build emotional literacy to better grasp their inner feelings and those of others

Whether playing together at home, on road trips or integrating into classroom lessons - these cards ignite generative dialogue flows and collaborative make-believing. You'll witness their eyes light up with uncontainable "ah-ha!" moments.

More than just bonding through imagination, the Kids Edition shapes well-adjusted emotional intelligence from the earliest stages. By being empowered to process feelings openly, children learn invaluable self-awareness and empathy muscles.

Those who feel intimately understood develop into resilient, compassionate contributors able to intuit diverse perspectives beyond face values. An early grasp of their own emotional landscapes lets them confidently navigate life's inevitable complexities.

For parents, guardians, and teachers striving to unleash unbounded curiosity and raise grounded humans - {THE AND} provides that transformative catalyst. With playful explorations of introspection and interpersonal relating, you're equipping the next generation's changemakers and dreamers to create a more conscious world.

Order the Keys to awakening your child's full human potential today. After all, isn't that the most precious journey?

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Real Conversations


Unleash the creativity of your children with questions that inspire their imagination.

{THE AND} Kids edition is specifically designed for parents with kids aged 8-13 as the perfect screen free activity. Enhance social skills, imagination and encourage meaningful conversations with parents, teachers, and friends.

Ready To Connect With YOUR KIDS?

Inspire creativity and imagination with 199 unique questions and prompts that will spark curiosity and creativity & enjoy where your child’s imagination takes the answers.

Turn everyday activities into opportunities for fun and deeper connection. Pull out a question card and turn bath time, car rides or the dinner table into opportunities for deeper connection enjoy more engaging conversation.

Encourage building offline social and communication skills. Win the battle against screen time with inspiring questions that build social skills, emotional articulation, empathy and understanding. The perfect solution for having more offline fun with your kids while supporting healthy relationships.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Family loved them

Bought to help connect with 3 younger kids and help them to begin learning better connection and conversation skills in a fun and safe way. They really worked! We had such great conversations and the kids really got a chance to think deeper and answer thoughtfully. Definitely recommend.

Samantha Hoy
This was an total hit!

I got this pack among a few others as a family gift to share with my partner and his 7yo daughter for Christmas. The 7 year old loves it, she's still learning to read but we were so impressed with how well she could read the cards (kudos to the question writers!), and sitting around the table together taking turns asking each other questions is something she now requests that we do often and is excited to do with her friends as well. Great screen-free option for enjoying time together!

Noa Elan
Perfect for my 8Y daughter, my 5Y son, and my 42Y husband

I own 3 decks from {The And} and use it with my co-workers, friends, and family.
I bought this one to be able to facilitate deeper conversations with my kids- they work great for sitting around the table for dinner and even chit-chat during bath time. Well done team- have loved every question I pulled out so far.


Good convo starters for the dinner table

Veena S.
Great way to start connecting with my 10 y.o.

Bought the {THE AND} Kids Edition for my daughter to foster open communication between us and to help her express feelings more. One concern is, she noticed the middle finger symbol on the back of the card. Given that these are for kids, a peace sign might be more appropriate. But overall, we are enjoying it.