{THE AND} Coworkers Edition
{THE AND} Coworkers Edition
{THE AND} Coworkers Edition
{THE AND} Coworkers Edition
{THE AND} Coworkers Edition
{THE AND} Coworkers Edition
{THE AND} Coworkers Edition

{THE AND} Coworkers Edition

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In the modern office maze of video calls, chat windows, and agenda hustle, something vital gets lost - the human element. Genuine connection. Feeling seen beyond just our titles or output.

It's time to evolve your organizations initiatives with {THE AND} Coworkers Edition. This thoughtfully-crafted question card deck reignites the spark of authentic relating among colleagues.

No more forced happy hours or cringe-worthy icebreakers. The Coworkers Edition provides 199 masterfully-curated prompts to guide powerful vulnerability sharing in any setting:

✨ Swap stories unveiling the experiences and perspectives that shape each teammate

✨ Open up about personal dreams, core values and what truly inspires you 

✨ Explore shared passions, meaningful differences, and finding purpose

✨ Gain profound insights into how colleagues think, feel, and view the world

✨ Establish trust, understanding and emotional safety nets

Whether incorporating it into weekly check-ins, offsites, or casual hangouts, these prompts rehumanize the workplace. You'll build legitimate bonds transcending job descriptions as coworkers become friends who deeply "get" each other.

And with its simple format, the Coworkers Edition seamlessly adapts to any team environment - remote, hybrid or office. Just draw a card and lean into meaningful conversation, no complicated instructions required.

For managers, HR leaders and executives striving to cultivate thriving human-centric cultures, {THE AND} cards are a priceless tool. They empower teams to collaborate through an intuitive language of empathy, ultimately boosting morale and performance.

Let this be your catalyst for shifting away from transactional coworker relationships to rich interpersonal connections. Integrate the {THE AND} Coworkers Edition into your organizational rhythms today and experience true transformative impact.

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Real Conversations


Do your office conversations make you feel like you are stuck in a stock photo?

Strong teamwork and cohesion can make or break a company's success. Use {THE AND} Co-Workers Edition to ask better questions and build more authentic connections, improve communication dynamics, and collaborate more effectively.

Better Work Relationships

Turn meetings into spaces that build trust and unlock collaboration. Pull a card to start your meetings to break through awkward conversations and get to know colleagues on a deeper level

Build your team's collaborative culture. Foster a culture of openness, trust, and inclusivity on your team, one engaging conversation at a time. Discover surprising commonalities and differences that enhance teamwork, and spark new ideas and solutions in lively discussions.

Want A Better Work Culture?

Ask Better Questions

Discover how {THE AND} Coworkers Edition can help you ask better questions and create the space to foster true connection.

Masterfully crafted by The Skin Deep CEO, Topaz Adizes, these questions come from his experience crafting thousands of questions from over 1,200 real conversations filmed around the world.

It's time to connect with your coworkers and build a better workplace, with {THE AND} Coworkers Edition.

If you're interested in booking Topaz for live experience design, keynote talks, or other speaking engagements reach out today.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Deborah Cowell
Coworkers Edition

Certainly not disappointed in the things these cards allow my colleagues and I to think about/discuss. I have purchased cards for my partner and I, as well as family edition, and really am glad to now have this set for me and my colleagues. Thank you so much!


Love the questions & have their other sets.


Great for work teams!

Livier Delgadillo
Great Team Building!

Such a creative deck for getting deep and connecting with coworkers!

Regina Lopez
Coworker edition

Such a fun relationship building game. My whole team loved it!