The Skin Deep Bundles

Bundle and save with unique, curated combinations of {THE AND} card decks, Honest X kits, and bundles containing both as well.
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    Great Questions, Lots of Variety

    Just received it and after airing out the card off-gassing smell a tad, thumbing through the cards and the questions seem great and really varied. We plan to use them a lot.

    {THE AND} Ultimate Bundle
    Sharliene Phillips
    I love them!

    They're making me think a lot and I love that. They're great for by yourself and/or with other people like conversation starters.

    {THE AND} Long-Term Couples Edition

    Delivered promptly, love the updates

    Never Received

    Unfortunately it never came but I keep getting emails to review so hopefully they see it and help locate it

    Not a huge fan

    We are very disappointed with Honest X. Some of the questions are pretty good, but a lot of them have problems. Many questions make no sense at all, or are so stupid you end up just passing on them right away. There are also a lot of duplicate questions just worded slightly different, but ultimately lead you to the same conclusion. For the cost of these games, one would hope for great, original questions. Do not waste your money on this. We had way more fun playing cheap games from Walmart.

    I might have to leave the US without my Product

    I ordered my product and paid for express shipping and I got an email a day later saying express shipping was unavailable and I will be downgraded to standard shipping. This is unfortunate because I ordered express shipping so my product gets to me before I leave the US, now, it is almost time to leave and my product still hasn't gotten to me. This is really sad.

    Haven’t received yet

    cannot review the product before receiving it

    Love It!

    My wife and play the Couple's Edition and we wanted to introduce our friends to the game, so we bought the Friends Edition too :)

    {THE AND} Travel Bundle
    Bernadette T. Beekman

    {THE AND} Travel Bundle

    {THE AND} Healing Edition

    Coworkers Edition

    Certainly not disappointed in the things these cards allow my colleagues and I to think about/discuss. I have purchased cards for my partner and I, as well as family edition, and really am glad to now have this set for me and my colleagues. Thank you so much!

    Still have not received this item after weeks of communication with supplier

    I love it

    My family is less interested
    But I plan to bring it on our next trip
    Will see if the change in routine on the whole will make it easier to get full engagement

    Excellent Conversation Starters

    My girlfriend and I love these cards for starting interesting and thoughtful conversations on topics beyond what comes up in daily conversation!

    Amazing and helpful

    Helps with personal relationships with my self and others, its like having a friend who knows just what to ask at the right time.

    {THE AND} Friends Edition
    Roberto Hance Jr.

    {THE AND} Friends Edition

    Fun and thought provoking cards

    I really am enjoying these cards. I feel like my long-term partner and I (we’ve been together 27 years) or dating again. Every time I use the cards I learned something new.

    Excited to play

    I haven't been able to do much more than unboxing my bundle. It was nicely packaged, the bright colors are very pleasing to the eye. I did however share some of the topics with my mom and we're both excited to play.

    Package not received as of today 2/27/24

    I’ve enjoyed a previous version of this game so I decided to give this one a try. I haven’t played it just yet. However, it arrived very quickly. Overall, I’m not able to fully review the product because I won’t play it until the end of March.

    A Closer Bond to an Already Close Friend

    I made a friend surprisingly fast after an interaction at a social event with a workout community. I knew she would be a friend that I could have intelligent and engaging conversations with. We just recently celebrated our 4 year friendiversary, and I had the idea to introduce her to {The And} Friends edition. We thought we already covered all the deep conversations during our friendship, but we asked each other questions that really made us think even more deeper about ourselves and each other.

    Thank you for allowing me to get to know my friend even more, and we only played 1 game so far!

    Baileys x The Skin Deep Relation-sips Edition

    Great card game for an icebreaker or just for fun. Really original.

    See review

    Only gave three stars because I haven’t played the game yet. If I’m able to edit this comment after reviewing it, then I will.

    Cleaver & helpful

    Our therapist suggested the couples cards to us to spark conversation and connectivity. The cards are helpful and clever conversation starters and awesome learning tools. I highly recommend. Thinking of purchasing more for family & friends.