{THE AND} True Romance Bundle
{THE AND} True Romance Bundle
{THE AND} True Romance Bundle
{THE AND} True Romance Bundle
{THE AND} True Romance Bundle
{THE AND} True Romance Bundle

{THE AND} True Romance Bundle

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Take your relationship to the next level and explore what matters most to you and your partner with the True Romance Bundle - a collection of some of our most popular question-based card games that are designed to help you deepen your connection and nourish your relationship over time. From your first dates to establishing a relationship and learning to compromise, our bundle has got you covered.

These editions of {THE AND} are designed to spark authentic and meaningful conversations that will help you find each other on a deeper level. From conflict to compromise, every question is designed to bring you closer together and help you grow as a couple.

So why settle when you can use our True Romance Bundle to deepen your connection and foster a special bond with your partner? Order now and get ready to experience the true joys of a meaningful, fulfilling relationship. It's the perfect bundle for any couple who wants to grow together and create a lasting connection!


  • 796 unique and meaningful questions for every stage of your relationship
  • Over 20% discount vs buying separately + free shipping
  • The perfect roadmap to finding someone special and growing your love into something long-lasting


    • {THE AND} Dating Edition 
    • {THE AND} Couples Edition 
    • {THE AND} Long-Term Couples Edition 
    • {THE AND} Healing Edition

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      Everything You Love About The Skin Deep, but More!

      Hundreds of Questions!

      If you want to experience all the memories and connections of The Skin Deep but 199 questions isn't enough, then our bundles are for you! Each amazing bundle has more questions, and more experiences, so you'll have countless conversations you'll cherish forever.

      Bundles Custom Tailored For You

      Not sure where to start? With 12 unique editions of {THE AND}, plus Honest X and digital toolkits, it can be hard to decide! We've specifically curated dozens of amazing bundles by relationship type and more to help make it easy!

      Customer Reviews

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      Jamie R Harris
      Some very thought provoking questions

      My partner and I are not colocated right now so we decided to text the questions back and forth. The relationship is only 2 months old so we still have a lot to learn about each other. So far we have reviewed 3 questions each day. I have chosen the easy ones and the things we already know about each other to make it a fun game. I am afraid to choose some of the harder questions until we are together. Such as “what are you afraid to tell the other person”. This is an excellent way to learn more about the other person and take the relationship to a higher level.

      In that two months we had two misunderstandings that could have ditched our relationship early on because we did not realize how hurtful some comments had been. I was committed to not let that happen so I researched different products. So far this has glitter us to communicate much befter


      Love this game


      Amazing way to find bigger connections

      Great date night activity

      We’ve only used the Dating edition box, but it’s been a great way to get to know each other and talk about some deeper and more serious topics in a judgement free environment. I would recommend this as a good conversation starter for new relationships, or as a good chill night in activity. There are a few cards that have prompts that involve singing that we’ve skipped but I can see that being fun for the right people :)


      It’s a deep collection we played it twice sonfar