{THE AND} Healing  Edition
{THE AND} Healing  Edition
{THE AND} Healing  Edition
{THE AND} Healing  Edition
{THE AND} Healing  Edition
{THE AND} Healing  Edition
{THE AND} Healing  Edition

{THE AND} Healing Edition

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Have you ever struggled to find the right words to express your thoughts and feelings? The Healing Edition is here to guide you through the toughest conversations, so you can finally connect on a deeper level. Whether you're navigating tricky topics with a partner, friend, or family member, these gentle prompts will help you start healing together.

Discover the power of vulnerability and unlock a new level of intimacy with those you care about most. With the Healing Edition, you'll be equipped with the tools you need to build stronger, more loving relationships. Don't let fear hold you back any longer - take the first step towards deeper connections today.


    • 199 deep, caring, and healing questions and prompts
    • Designed to add to and expand any other standard {THE AND} deck- or use alone
    • Helps lead to better understanding your person and what they need from you
    • Supports togetherness, love, support and closeness

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    Real Questions. Real conversations.

    199 Questions

    Discover real conversations and deeper connections than ever before. Each unique edition of {THE AND} includes 199 questions based on thousands of real conversations filmed around the world - something no other game has!

    Experience The Viral Sensation

    With thousands of videos and clips seen millions of times, not only can you watch {THE AND}, you can experience it for yourself! Just like the wildly popular videos, you too can have amazing conversations and experiences with {THE AND} card games.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 41 reviews
    Anonymous R

    She loved it. So happy for her.


    Absolute best card deck!!


    One of my favorite games to play with my partner honestly

    Eye Opener

    I ordered 5 decks and the first one I played was the “friends edition” with my friends. There were things that were said that either needed to be said or rectified. These cards are definitely for mature relationships. If you’re able to sit, listen, and speak expect your relationship with that other person to get stronger. I definitely had a better understanding on my position with my friends.

    Danielle Kern-Protacio
    Loving our experiences so far

    I am loving these cards. My boyfriend and I have had very traumatic and abusive relationships in the past. We are both trying to take a different approach to our relationship, not make assumptions based upon past experiences, and learn to be more open and vulnerable with one another. These cards have been helpful with offering topics that we wouldn't have thought of or taking out the pressure of having to come up with things to discuss ourselves. I am excited to make our way through the deck.