{THE AND} Long-Term Couples Edition
{THE AND} Long-Term Couples Edition
{THE AND} Long-Term Couples Edition
{THE AND} Long-Term Couples Edition
{THE AND} Long-Term Couples Edition
{THE AND} Long-Term Couples Edition
{THE AND} Long-Term Couples Edition

{THE AND} Long-Term Couples Edition

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For those whose long-term love has survived the test of time, a profound yet delicate challenge emerges: how to continually reignite the fires of intimacy when familiarity's comforts risk overstaying their welcome.

It's in these moments that soulmates must become intrepid explorers once again, daring to map the routes of each other's everchanging inner worlds. This is your catalyst - {THE AND} Long-Term Couples Edition cards provide the compass for your life's grandest co-authored odyssey.

With intentional questions & prompts guiding you through an intimate, spontaneous discover remembrances of how you first fell in love, what's kept you tethered through the storms, and the individual evolutions you've each undergone.

Delve into novel layers of hopes, fears, curiosities and perspectives 

Nostalgically romance the irreplicable sparks that caused your atoms to collide

Rediscover connections through the specially crafted questions

Celebrate parallel awakenings while declaring bravely what must be reinvented

Explore the topography of changing dreams and visions for your shared destiny

Whether redrafting your relationships roadmap or dismantling stale relational patterns, the Long-Term Couples Edition translates intricacies of modern intimacy like few other games. Its carefully constructed inquiries provide the keys to unlocking levels of adoring presence you may have forgotten.

Discover brand new aspects of your love as you speak and share truth with one another. It's like falling into reunion with the unlimited potential. 

This is far more than just a card game. The {THE AND} Long-Term Couples Edition encodes a profound opportunity to reignite the bonds of your relationship. To celebrate, and most importantly, rediscover the love that brought you together in the first place.

Ready to resurrect your flame's undying spark? Then order your deck today. After all, what's a journey of joint destinies without the thrill of endless new adventures to explore?

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Real Conversations

For Long-Term Couples

Re-ignite the sparks and remember what makes your long-term relationship so special with {THE AND} Long-Term Couples Edition and experience new levels of depth and intimacy in your relationship.

199 questions and prompts that will create the space for transformative conversations to see your partner in a whole new light, ignite more magic in your relationship and experience deeper connection.

Enjoy deeper connection everyday.

Perfect for anniversaries, date nights or special occasions. Setup the space, settle in and get ready to experience a transformative conversation that will leave you closer and more connected than ever before.

Pull a card with your morning coffee to share answers together before you start your day. In the evenings, swap the scrolling for a question to connect before bedtime.
A question a day will keep your relationship connected, healthy and growing. 

It's also the perfect couples gift idea for anniversaries, special occasions or gift for newlyweds. Show your appreciation and share the gift of deeper connection for the special couple in your life.

Customer Reviews

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Erick Rodriguez

{THE AND} Long-Term Couples Edition


Package not received as of today 2/27/24

Bailey B.
10th Valentine's Day

I got these card for my husband and I. This is our second Valentine's Day married but our 10th Valentine's Day together! It felt like the perfect way to connect on a romantic day. We brought the cards to dinner and played during drinks and apps. At the end of the night we even picked the cards back up! We both agreed the questions weren't ones we would have come up with on our own. While answering the questions, we laughed and we had to think on each answer. Its a great exercise!

Taya Jones
Reconnecting after 14 yrs married

My husband & I knew we needed more consistent connection but with 4 kids and busy jobs, we’re both so tired at night we just end up sitting on the couch & scrolling. On a whim I bought these cards thinking maybe conversation prompts would help. Over the past 2 weeks we have been in sync and connected like when we were first married!! I’m amazed at what I’m learning about him 14 years into our marriage. I’m telling all my married friends!

Statuequa Franklin

I bought these for a married couple who has been married for 16 years and they said this:

Let them know we are really enjoying the cards. Has led to deeper conversations.