{THE AND} Couples Edition
{THE AND} Couples Edition
{THE AND} Couples Edition
{THE AND} Couples Edition
{THE AND} Couples Edition
{THE AND} Couples Edition

{THE AND} Couples Edition

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Tired of the same old date nights? Struggling to truly open up and connect with your partner on a deeper level? Introducing the Couples Edition - the intimacy-inspiring card game from The Skin Deep that will transform your relationship.

With 199 thought-provoking questions and prompts, this deck goes beyond surface-level conversation. You'll finally get to discover new and exciting aspects of your partner you never knew existed!

Whether snuggled up at home or traveling the world, the Couples Edition provides the perfect launchpad for:

✨ Practicing radical vulnerability by sharing your innermost thoughts and feelings

✨ Uncovering enlightening insights into your partner's desires, fears, and love languages

✨ Strengthening emotional intimacy through meaningful dialogue and connection

✨ Exploring new dimensions of intimacy

✨ Rekindling that "fell in love all over again" spark from when you first met

Simply draw a card, answer or follow the prompt, and watch as layers peel back and hidden truths come to light. With this deck, you'll never run out of fresh topics to reignite chemistry and appreciate your partner in novel ways!

Beautifully crafted with high-quality cards in a beautiful case, the Couples Edition is a must-have experience for any couple seeking deeper relating. One deck is all it takes to level up your love life.

Don't settle for another forgettable date night when you can invest in lifelong passion! Unlock the keys to profound intimacy with the {THE AND} Couples Edition card game.

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Real Conversations

For Couples

When was the last time you had “one of those” conversations that took your relationship to a whole new level?

With {THE AND} Couples Edition you will experience powerful relationship deepening conversations with your partner, over and over again.

199 well constructed questions and prompts that will take your relationship to new levels of intimacy and connection.

Enjoy deeper connection everyday.

Perfect for anniversaries, date nights or special occasions. Setup the space, settle in and get ready to experience a transformative conversation that will leave you closer and more connected than ever before.

Pull a card with your morning coffee to share answers together before you start your day. In the evenings, swap the scrolling for a question to connect before bedtime.
A question a day will keep your relationship connected, healthy and growing. 

It's also the perfect couples gift idea for anniversaries, special occasions or gift for newlyweds. Show your appreciation and share the gift of deeper connection for the special couple in your life.

Customer Reviews

Based on 298 reviews
Cleaver & helpful

Our therapist suggested the couples cards to us to spark conversation and connectivity. The cards are helpful and clever conversation starters and awesome learning tools. I highly recommend. Thinking of purchasing more for family & friends.

Nick D
Love This Game

Great questions for any couple! Really enjoyed the way they create questions you may not have thought to ask. Definitely feel closer.

Brandy Gillespie
We love it!

This is such a good investment for couples!!

Amanda Bell
Love this game

My boyfriend and I played it on a weekend we spent away together. We pulled only 4 cards each and had over 3hrs of conversation. We’ve been together for just shy of a year and this game has really been fun for us to share together.

Jada Peten
Clarity Clarity Clarity

So, my partner and I did a round of questions last night and I’m so glad we did. It brought us closer and helped us clarify our relationship, so much so, that we finally told each other that we loved each other a few hours after we went through them. The questions definitely make you think about your relationship from a lot of different levels. Wish we could have incorporated some of the questions from the Dating stack in as well, that would have been super helpful.