{THE AND} Strangers Edition
{THE AND} Strangers Edition
{THE AND} Strangers Edition
{THE AND} Strangers Edition
{THE AND} Strangers Edition
{THE AND} Strangers Edition
{THE AND} Strangers Edition

{THE AND} Strangers Edition

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Do you love meeting new people, but struggle to break the ice and start a real conversation?  This question-based card game is perfect for investigating the space between you and a stranger and discovering your common ground. With this game, you'll create authentic and meaningful conversation that's sure to lead to a deeper connection with your new acquaintance.

Every question in {THE AND} Strangers Edition is another opportunity to learn more about each other, and to find out what you have in common. It's a fun and easy way to pass the time and make new friends, whether you're at a party or waiting in line.

So why settle for surface-level small talk when you can use our game to connect on a deeper level? Order now and get ready to discover the common ground between you and your new friends!


    • 199 unique and meaningful questions and prompts
    • Connections with new people like never before
    • Engaging new conversations that take you beneath surface level small talk

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    Real Conversations

    For ANYONE

    Say goodbye to awkward silences.

    Experience more connection when meeting new people and creating new relationships with {THE AND} Strangers Edition.

    Enjoy getting to know new people and quickly warm up a room of strangers, transforming them into closer connections.



    Cut through the small talk, break the ice or warm up a crowd. Perfect for icebreakers at community events, conferences or just getting to know new acquaintances.

    Perfect for traveling, starting a new life phase, relocating, or simply looking to expand your horizons. {THE AND} Strangers Edition makes it easy to connect on deeper level. Draw a card, pose the prompt to a stranger, and get ready for captivating dialogue to ensue.

    With 199 questions and prompts you’ll never run out of ideas for sparking interesting conversations with anyone. Turn any interaction into an opportunity for deeper connection, surprising stories and new friendships.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 35 reviews
    Great so far!

    So far, the questions have invited thoughtful conversation!


    Great game for breaking the ice and knowing people better


    I have several the and cards and they really do help with getting to know people better.

    Mehya Williams
    good questions

    continue to enjoy going to this company for facilitating impactful and varied discussions with folks and I enjoyed using this deck as well.

    Ekaterina Kapoustina

    {THE AND} Strangers Edition