{THE AND} Healing  Edition
{THE AND} Healing  Edition
{THE AND} Healing  Edition
{THE AND} Healing  Edition
{THE AND} Healing  Edition
{THE AND} Healing  Edition
{THE AND} Healing  Edition

{THE AND} Healing Edition

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In our closest relationships, we often carry the heaviest emotional burdens and deepest scars - fears, traumas, self-doubts and unresolved pain from our pasts. Yet these are the very parts of ourselves we reflexively hide, even from those we love most.

It's time to shed the emotional armor with {THE AND} Healing Edition cards. This potent catalyst provides the caring space to finally go there - to those tender places we've learned to wall off due to perceived judgment or not wanting to burden others.

With thoughtful guidance through 199 poignant, heart-opening questions & prompts, you'll find yourselves gently navigating fertile territory for interpersonal transformation:

✨ Release years of bottled-up thoughts, ancestral wounds and unspoken truths

✨ Reveal the most delicate intricate layers of your emotional experiences to each other

✨ Gain revelatory insights into your loved ones' internal worlds and core needs

✨ Demolish toxic patterns and barriers preventing true closeness and secure attachment

✨ Collectively envision pathways to forgiveness, resolution and a reimagined future

Whether unearthing relational blind spots, ancestral traumas or unprocessed grief - the Healing Edition cards cradle you both in an empathic embrace as you go inward together. You'll establish a sacred, judgment-free container to give voice to those aspects of self you've outgrown the need to contain or hide.

For partners whose intimacy has become strained, friends who've endured parallel pains, or family bonds frayed by resentment - these cards provide the shared language to finally begin raw truth-telling and mending. One soul-baring prompt catalyzes the kind of bravery and catharsis allowing you to emerge closer than ever before.

When we peel back layers most often concealed, we discover our wholeness - pieces once shattered can be reclaimed and reintegrated. With {THE AND} Healing Edition, you're equipped with provision for that most courageous journey. A chance to shed ancient hurts, heal, and embrace your full luminous potential.

Order your passage into deeper self-reunion and relational intimacy today. The most profound metamorphoses are born through love's vulnerability.


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Real Conversations

For Healing

Are you struggling to find the right words to express your thoughts and feelings?

The {THE AND} Healing Edition is here to guide you through the toughest conversations, so you can reconnect at a deeper level. Whether you're navigating tricky topics with a partner, friend, or family member, these gentle prompts will help you start healing together.

Through Connection

Start Healing

Don't let emotional distance permanently shut down your relationships. Every card opens a new pathway to restore emotional intimacy, affection, and mutual understanding. Through this process, you'll rediscover the shared vision that united you in the first place.

Discover the power of vulnerability and unlock a new level of intimacy with those you care about most. With the Healing Edition, you'll be equipped with the tools you need to build stronger, more loving relationships. Don't let fear hold you back any longer - take the first step towards deeper connections today.

Breakthrough emotional roadblocks, together. In any relationship, emotional walls and resentments can gradually form without conscious work to stay connected. {THE AND} Healing Edition empowers you to tear down those barriers and rebuild emotional intimacy through candid, compassionate conversation.

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{THE AND} Healing Edition

Anonymous R

She loved it. So happy for her.


Absolute best card deck!!


One of my favorite games to play with my partner honestly

Eye Opener

I ordered 5 decks and the first one I played was the “friends edition” with my friends. There were things that were said that either needed to be said or rectified. These cards are definitely for mature relationships. If you’re able to sit, listen, and speak expect your relationship with that other person to get stronger. I definitely had a better understanding on my position with my friends.