{THE AND} Dating Edition
{THE AND} Dating Edition
{THE AND} Dating Edition
{THE AND} Dating Edition
{THE AND} Dating Edition
{THE AND} Dating Edition
{THE AND} Dating Edition

{THE AND} Dating Edition

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Tired of the same old small talk on dates? Struggling to really click and build a genuine connection? Leave the surface-level convos behind with {THE AND} Dating Edition cards.

This flirtatiously fun question-based game unlocks a whole new dimension of relating for budding romances. With 199 thought-provoking questions & prompts, you'll bypass the boring basics and leap straight into revealing insights about your date's personality, values, life philosophies and core desires.

Whether it's your first rendezvous or you've been dating for months, the Dating Edition cards instantly transform dead air into captivating conversation. No more falling into vapid "What do you do for work?" traps or awkward silences killing the vibe!

Simply draw a card and let the intimate inquiries flow naturally, each one building an increasingly vivid picture of your compatibility. You'll discover:

✨ Their most fascinating experiences and true feelings 

✨ Core values that truly define them on a soul level

✨ Juicy details about romantic ideals, interests, and love languages

✨ Hilarious and enlightening opinions on random hot-button topics

✨ Shared passions, adventures, and visions for your potential futures

More than just breaking the ice, the Dating Edition cards lay the foundation for deep emotional resonance from night one. Let your guards down and connect in refreshingly authentic ways without fearing rejection.

With the Dating Edition as your conversational wingman, you'll never scramble for banal talking points again. Embrace fearless vulnerability, spark immediate chemistry, and decide if this romance has wings to soar!

Why exhaust endless hours and money on lifeless dates when one deck of cards can ignite your meaningful connection? Level up your dating mastery and order the {THE AND} Dating Edition now!

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Real Questions. Real conversations.

199 Questions

Discover real conversations and deeper connections than ever before. Each unique edition of {THE AND} includes 199 questions based on thousands of real conversations filmed around the world - something no other game has!

Experience The Viral Sensation

With thousands of videos and clips seen millions of times, not only can you watch {THE AND}, you can experience it for yourself! Just like the wildly popular videos, you too can have amazing conversations and experiences with {THE AND} card games.

Customer Reviews

Based on 57 reviews
Jose Rodriguez

{THE AND} Dating Edition

Tangela Kitchens
Great for bonding

I received my order in a timely manner. I love the questions. It definitely helps build a deeper connection. I gave it a three star rating because my cards have damage on them. I’m pretty positive it’s not from shipping because a few cards in the middle on one stack is damaged and there is no damage to the box. My box may have been a return

Marty Dubin
Just the Best

These decks are simply the best low-stakes conversation starters I have ever encountered, and there's a deck for every scenario. The Dating deck has been a wonderful addition to (literally) pull out of my pocket as a way to add something refreshing to what can otherwise be a repetitive and/or emotionally draining process. 10/10 would recommend.

Troy Schaap

A great way to learn about the person your dating without the awkwardness.


I really like this game. It helps each individual be open more!