Save 25% Off Honest X When You Buy {THE AND}

Save 25% Off Honest X When You Buy {THE AND}

What is Honest X?

Created by the Emmy Award winning creative studio, THE SKIN DEEP, this experience is designed to reposition the way you engage and approach your most intimate desires.

Honest X offers an array of perspectives that help unravel taboo, stigma, and discomfort while uncovering what sexuality means to you.

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Get 25% Off Honest X

From now until February 14th, we'll be sending everyone who purchases any {THE AND} card deck a discount code by email for our most popular Honest X products. This includes the Complete Experience, the Starter Kit, and the 6 Deck Expansion Set.


Save Even More

Looking to create the ultimate {THE AND} gift for that special someone? In addition to receiving a 25% off code for Honest X, if you buy two {THE AND} card decks you can also save an additional 14% off the third deck, for a limited time. 

Combine popular decks such as Dating, Couple, and Long-Term Couples, or Friends, Strangers, and Co-Workers. You can choose any combination you like!

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