The latest experience from The Skin Deep. Discover new ways to explore sex and intimacy in a non-judgmental space

What is Honest X?

Created by The Skin Deep, the Emmy Award winning creative studio that brought you {THE AND}, this experience is designed to reposition the way you engage and approach your most intimate desires. Honest X offers an array of perspectives that help unravel taboo, stigma, and discomfort while uncovering what sexuality means to you.


Honest X + {THE AND} Bundles

THE Ultimate Couples Experience

Honest X Expansion Decks

Designed specifically for our Honest X Starter Kit, expand and explore at your own pace by adding individual decks, or all expansion decks at once. It's all up to you.

Listen To Real People Experiencing Honest X

Honest X Podcast

The Honest X podcast dives into sexual expression by hosting strangers and couples in a non-judgmental and safe space to speak freely about sex. Listen as others open up about their deepest desires through questions designed to unravel taboo, stigma, and discomfort while exploring themselves together.