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{THE AND} Family Edition
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In our frenetic world of jam-packed schedules and digital distractions, the intimacy of truly relating often gets lost - even with those closest to us. Laughter slowly fades, the inessential crowds out what matters most.

It's time to recenter your family's beating heart with {THE AND} Family Edition cards. This masterfully crafted game provides the questions & prompts to spark intentional bonding through vulnerability, curiosity, and the powerful intimacy of mutual understanding.

No more stilted dinner table silence or glazed eyes during family time. The Family Edition ignites a blazing hearth where every voice matters, every perspective warrants rapt attention, and even old stories get reframed through enlightening new lenses.

Simply draw a card and watch as the floodgates open to:

✨Uncover eye-opening revelations about each other's internal experiences

✨Share nostalgic tales and memories in remarkably vivid new ways

✨Gain profound insights into each person's fears, dreams, and philosophical depths

✨Explore stimulating topics tuned to each individual's age and wavelength

✨Build familial trust, empathy, and connection at the soul level

Whether circled around the living room or gathered on an annual trip, this deck ensures no ordinary hangout ever stays surface-level again. Through laughter, tears, playful debates, and "I never knew that about you!" discoveries, you'll rediscover what it means to feel deeply understood.

For parents striving to raise resilient, emotionally intelligent kids or multi-generational clans hoping to bridge generational gaps - the {THE AND} Family Edition provides your rallying point. An opportunity to preserve what's priceless before it's gone - the shared human experiences that indelibly shape who we all are.

Order your gateway to meaningful family engagement today and start crafting the precious legacies that ripple across lifetimes. It only takes one boldly candid question to become unforgettably close.

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Give Mom The Gift of Getting To Know Her

Mom is more than just a mom. Get to know all that she is with loving questions you’ve never asked before. The Family Edition deck guides you and your loved ones into meaningful time with connective conversations. Come together as a family for quality time, creative listening and an even stronger bond.
(Who knows, you may even share some laughs along the way!)

Home Is Where The Heartfelt Questions Are

See her in a new light. Celebrate her in a new way.

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{THE AND} Family Edition


  • Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is this deck for?

Perfect for family gatherings, zoom occasions and new traditions.  

Q: How to use?

The only rule we have is to be honest. Other than that, it’s easy - players sit closely together, pick 12 cards, and take turns reading and answering all 12. You should try to answer every question, but you do have the option to pass, if you like. The full “rules” can be found on the packaging for more details.