Explore your relationship from a brand new lens of affinity and harmony - opt for this romantic experience that will allow you to rediscover the connection that's made your love last.

On this special day, why not ask the questions that you've always wanted to communicate with your partner,  and the questions you may not have ever considered?

“What do you think that your partner is learning from you?”

“What’s one thing that you never want your partner to forget?”

Express how you truly feel about your partner with {THE AND} Couples Edition card game.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is this deck for?

Whether paired-up partnership or newlywed (and anything in between) these questions will help you uncover a deeper understanding of yourselves as individuals - and as a more connected couple.

- Build a strong foundation for the future.

- Continue to deepen and explore your love.

- Keep communication intimate and spicy.

Q: How to use?

The only rule we have is to be honest. Other than that, it’s easy - players sit closely together, pick 12 cards, and take turns reading and answering all 12. You should try to answer every question, but you do have the option to pass, if you like. The full “rules” can be found on the packaging for more details.