How This Unique Card Game Is Changing Lives For Couples Who Want To Feel More Connected Than Ever Before. 

Move your relationship forward in the most positive way. 

Thursday, June 24 

by Emily Smith

Knowing how to truly connect with your partner is the secret to longevity in any relationship.

We live in a world that's more connected than it has ever been before. As we become closer through online apps, social networking and instant communication, building a deep connection with the ones closest to you has become more difficult. Having the ability to stay up-to-date with anyone around the world has made our day-to-day lives extremely distracting. 

Many couples feel as if they spend adamant amounts of time together, but end the day feeling further from each other.  Contrary to these couples' beliefs, it is not due to lack of love, loss of feelings, or the act of exiting the "honeymoon phase"In a world that's ever-evolving both socially and through technology, endlessly scrolling through Instagram and TikTok has became the new go-to activity for relaxation after a long day. 

This distraction and lack of attention to the real world is not something to take lightly. It has jeopardized relationships of all kinds, no matter the relationship's length, and has put seemingly happy couples at risk. 

While the online world has captured the daily attention of every partner with a smart phone, couples are finding new ways to reignite their deep level of connection and communication. 

A New Way To Spark Healthy Communication 

Couples are seeking to achieve deeper levels of connection by finding new ways to spark healthy communication. However, the ability to spark healthy communication has become a difficult challenge in a world where attention is short and problems are harder to identify. To put it simply, in order to move past relationship roadblocks and achieve deep connection, positive communication is needed. 

However, in order to achieve communication that moves a relationship further in a positive direction towards meaningful conversations, partners need to first ask the right questions.

Meaningful conversations are the pathway for strong couples to come closer and build upon their intimacy, and the questions asked are the roadmap for these conversations to become possible. 

Rediscover your significant other with {THE AND} Couples Edition Card Game

Rediscover your significant other with {THE AND} Couples Edition Card Game

A Fresh Way To Build A Fresh Connection 

Asking the right questions to spark meaningful conversation is no easy task. Even in the relationships where couples feel confident that they have strong communication, finding the right questions and asking them in the right environment can feel challenging.

Many feel as if they don't have enough meaningful conversations within their relationship, and don't even know where to begin when it comes to asking the right questions. 

{THE AND} Couples Edition can help.
If you want to spark deeper, more meaningful conversations, {THE AND} Couples Edition may be perfect for your next date night. 

With our 199 Emmy Award-Winning questions, you'll be sure to strengthen the connection you've spent so much time building. 
  • These cards open the doors for deeper discussions that you seem to never find time to have with your spouse. This gives you time to have some much needed conversations. We love these cards.

    – La S.
    {THE AND} Happy Customer

Rediscover your significant other with {THE AND} Couples Edition Card Game

Rediscover your significant other with {THE AND} Couples Edition Card Game

How {THE AND} Couples Edition Works

199 questions for established romantic connections.
This deck includes 199 questions to help you spark the meaningful conversations needed to build an even deeper connection with your partner.
Heartfelt, Deep, Connective.
Every card can be a conversation of its own. Each question is made to go further than surface level. 
Perfect for meaningful moments and uninterrupted 1-on-1 time.
{THE AND} Couples Edition is perfect for date nights, anniversaries, or any time you can be in the moment with each other. 
How do you use this deck? 

The asking is easy. Our only rule? Be honest, be open and be yourself when answering. Not quite ready for a specific question? “Pass” is an answer, too.
  • Last night I played this with my fiancé. After our chat, I felt so much MORE CONNECTED with him. Playing this only MADE ME LOVE HIM MORE. I highly recommend this to any couple. 

    – Jennifer

Rediscover your significant other with {THE AND} Couples Edition Card Game

Rediscover your significant other with {THE AND} Couples Edition Card Game

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is this deck for?

Whether you’re in a paired-up partnership, newlyweds, or any committed relationship in between, these questions will help you uncover a deeper understanding of yourself as individuals and as a more connected couple.

- Build a strong foundation for the future.

- Continue to deepen and explore your love.

- Keep communication intimate and spicy.

Q: How to use?

The only rule? Be honest. Other than that it’s easy. Sit closely with your partner and pick twelve cards, alternating who asks the question and who answers it. You should try to answer every question, but you do have the option to pass. For more details, the full set of “rules” can be found in the card game packaging.

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