[VIDEO] What Do You Remember From When We Met? | {THE AND} Relationship Project

[VIDEO] What Do You Remember From When We Met? | {THE AND} Relationship Project

Video Summary

First impressions always make an impact. Listen to these couples -- with their relationships varying -- talk about when they met, whether it be introductions or even when a baby is born. As we explore new perspectives we invite you to step into the emotional space of connection and experience the deeper lessons that shared experiences can afford humanity. To everyone who has participated openly and vulnerably in our project - we appreciate what you have shared with us and hope others do as well.

Video Transcript

- When you think of
- The first time
- We met
- What do you
- Remember feeling?
- Oh god...
- The first moment we met,
when you asked me...
...how to get into that area
- Yes - And I said:
Gate’s right there.
I wasn’t thinking anything.
I was thinking absolutely nothing.
But then, after you came in and
convinced me to get on that ride that I don't do
cause I wanted to show you
that I wasn’t afraid to do it...
- Ok. - It took off from there
- Ok. - You know?
- I was really nervous
just cause...
I had ____ with me.
-Yeah. -And...
I knew how he was.
And then...
as you know I was trying to be the good guy
- for the first time ever. - Oh my gosh, yeah.
- I mean I guess...
I mean I guess, even that we were like...
15, 15 and a half.
When you were born I just...
- That's crazy you were that young.
- Cried.
A lot.
I cried a lot.
- I just felt so proud and so happy.
You know I saw...
a bouncing baby girl.
- I walked in...
and you were just kinda like
really quiet and like...
kinda kept to yourself and...
I was just like...
Who is this bitch? Like...
And she is not even like,
going to try to get to know me?
- I’m shy and awkward. - I know.
-I remember I was really nervous.
I mean so... I was like running around
asking like doctors and nurses like...
“What’s the probability of her having cleft lip?”
“What’s the prob...” like I was so nervous
Uhmm like having cleft lip
now isn’t a big deal
at all.
But I got made fun of a lot when I was a kid
and I really didn’t want that for you.
So I was really...
really relieved...
that you didn’t have a cleft lip
when you were born.
- Didn’t know that.
- You kept coming back with questions
and I kept answering them.
You know, but uh...
You perceived to be different than I felt
at that time.
- That's alright, but okay.
- You remember. - I remember.
- I remember counting
your fingers and your toes.
I had heard that you do that...
but it really is true
It’s like you wanna just make sure
everything is ok.
And uhm...
I just remember it’s an immediate...
That was precious.
- Yeah, I don’t know there was just like
something about you that I was like:
“I’m gonna figure that out”.
You know?
- Yeah, I’d probably say the same
I was definitely intrigued.
By you, I’m not,
I can’t like pinpoint what exactly it was...
but I was just intrigued.
Maybe it was your sassiness.
I think low-key I’m like a...
a masochist because I...
- I like when people are like...
sassy with me.
Yeah, I don’t know.
But uhm...
- I felt a...
a spirit of peace.
And comfort.
I remember the conversation we had in Huntsville.
And we walked and we talked all night
and the thought ran across my mind.
Why would I tell this man not my business?
Then I said:
“Well you’re probably never see him again”
But you were so easy to talk to.
- And you know, I just didn’t know...
I don’t really know...
I think I just felt like everything like
there is no any one thing I can...
There’s just a lot, a big...
a big thing.
- I can’t, I forgot
you were 15 and a half years old.
- Yeah. - That’s insane.

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