The Skin Deep Valentines Day Gift Guide 2024

The Skin Deep Valentines Day Gift Guide 2024

Giving the Gift of Deeper Connection this Valentine’s Day 

This Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to explore your connection and deepen your closest relationships.

If you’re looking for fresh ideas to create more priceless moments of connection - then we got you!

Check out these 5 options to elevate your experience this Valentine’s Day.

1. The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Bundle from THE SKIN DEEP

Of course we’re biased, but we’ve seen it happen over and over again. Intimate conversations using well constructed, insightful questions sparks magic between people.

Check out the very special Valentine’s Day Bundles that includes: 

  • 12 Questions for Love - your guide to intimate conversations and deeper relationships. 
  • {THE AND} card deck (dating, couples or long term couples). 199 questions to explore your connection. 
  • Go deeper and explore sexuality and intimacy and new levels with Honest-X complete edition vol 1. 
  • Setup a transformative conversation with the 12 Questions for Love Challenge. The perfect thing for organising a Valentine’s Day surprise. 

This bundle gives you everything you need to dive into juicier, transformative conversations with the people most important to you. Learn to have these conversations over and over again, turning it into the gift that keeps on giving. 

2. Unlock the good vibes of coffee - and do some good too. 

Coffee is magic for bringing people together and we love what the team at BLK & BOLD (@blkandbold) are doing, not just with their amazing beans but their mission. If you’re looking for amazing coffee use the code SKINDEEP to get a buy one, get one 50% discount off all products. Perfect to brew great conversations with your loved ones this Valentine’s Day!

Promotion cannot be combined with any other discount. Promotion is for one-time purchases and does not include wholesale or subscription orders. 

3. Hit your Relation-sip Goals!  

This post is sponsored by Baileys Chocolate Liqueur. 

This Valentine’s Day we are delighted to officially partner with Baileys Chocolate Liqueur (@baileysusto help you achieve your Relation-Sip Goals! 

Bring a hot take to date night as you journey through this LIMITED EDITION deck of 50 conversation cards designed to take your relationship to the next level. Get ready to laugh, connect and sip your dessert together as couples, friends and all relation-sips in between. 

Whether riding the waves of a new romance, cozying up with your soulmate or having a fun night in with your BFF, flip these cards and get the hottest tea on your relationship. Share some laughs and sip your dessert with a delicious Baileys Chocolate Liqueur cocktail this Valentine’s Day. 

We’re only releasing a few of these and once they go, they are gone forever, so get yours quick!


4. Sip your desert! 

Make your date night even sweeter with the Baileys Chocolate-Dipped Strawberry Martini, the cocktail version of the quintessential Valentine’s Day treat - a chocolate covered strawberry. 

Use code ‘SIPYOURDESSERT’ for $5 off shipping and handling on a bottle of Baileys Chocolate Liqueur, so you can enjoy a cocktail version of the quintessential Valentine’s Day treat - the chocolate covered strawberry!

Please Indulge Responsibly. BAILEYS Chocolate Irish Cream Liqueur. 15.7% Alc/Vol. Imported by Paddington, Ltd., New York, NY. Don’t share w/ under 21.

5. Up your snack game. 

If you’re looking to up your snack game - it’s hard to go past the genius that is Meg from Ain't too proud to Meg (@ainttooproudtomeg)

Check out the inspiration on her site and this set of cards that will give you endless ideas to get thinking outside the norm for your next cheese boards and snack platters. 


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