The Shifting Spectrum of Human Connection

The Shifting Spectrum of Human Connection

Reflecting on Changing Communication

This blog articulates the core of why The Skin Deep exists, to explore the changing ways we relate to one another. What strikes me most now, 6 years later and post Covid, are two things; first how quickly we humans adapt. Covid has thrown oil on the fire of the acceleration of changing human relations such that we are connecting in completely new ways, and yet we are so fast at adjusting. The result is that we aren’t even aware of how we change. We just adapt. Two years ago doing all your meetings over zoom was awkward, now it's the norm. Working 100% remotely was an outlier, now it's the norm. We quickly grow accustomed to our “new” world, but it's not even “new" anymore because it's ever changing.  There will no longer be a new world because the rate of change is so fast, and our ability to adjust is so strong, that we are continuously changing how we relate. The Skin Deep aims to bring a moment of reflection and pause so that we can be more present to the ways we connect to one another. 

Is The Digital Age Antiquated?

Secondly, the use of the term “Digital Age.” That was a viable word 6 years ago. We were indeed in that “age” then, but now that term feels antiquated. The digital age was a profound hiccup in time. We are already in the meta verse and beyond. Crypto was on the outskirts of mainstream culture, and now we have three commercials for Cryptocurrency platforms during the Super Bowl. What was on the outskirts is now mainstream.  What we were once dubious of, we now accept as the norm. 

Adapting Into The Future

I believe this is the cycle that future human generations will endure. Constant profound change to the extent that we don’t even realize we are changing. However, by bringing more presence to our way of being with one another, regardless of what new technology arises, we can ride the wave of change in a way that deepens our connections instead of disintegrating them. 

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