The Honest X Podcast

The Honest X Podcast

Explore your sexuality through the experiences, stories, and confessions of others

The Honest X podcast dives into sexual expression by hosting strangers and couples in a non-judgmental and safe space to speak freely about sex. Listen as others open up about their deepest desires through questions designed to unravel taboo, stigma, and discomfort while exploring themselves together.

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Created by the Emmy award-winning creative studio, The Skin Deep, apply to participate in an Honest X conversation here. 

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Episode 7 - "I Found My Parent's Tape By Accident"

Episode 6 - "I'm More Awkward Than Sexy, But I'm Into It"

Episode 5 - "What’s the Sexiest Way I’ve Consented?"

Episode 4 - "Sex Parties…Please Tell Me More"

Episode 3. " I Need You To Take Me Sexually"

Episode 2: "I Prefer Doggy Style Because It Hides My Belly"

Episode 1: "He Spoke to My Vulva"


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