Getting Under The Skin

Getting Under The Skin

At The Skin Deep we've been exploring the transformative power of deeper human connection for 10 years. Since the launch of the Emmy award winning series {THE AND} we've worked with over 1200 couples to illuminate all kinds of relationships from across the world.

✨✨Now, we're sharing the magic. ✨✨

This new series, Getting Under The Skin, led by Topaz Adizes, Founder of THE SKIN DEEP and creator of {THE AND} takes you behind the curtain.

Expect short videos, sharing what we've learned and giving you tools and ideas to use to unlock the power of deeper connection and more fulfilling relationships in your life. 

We’ll be sharing thoughts on the power of questions, how to create the space for transformative conversations and ideas for exploring our shared humanity in groups, with partners and by ourselves. 

Check out the entire playlist of episodes: 

Follow the series on YouTube here.

Are there topics you would like us to cover? Are there questions you would like to ask? We’d love to hear from you. Drop us your thoughts in the comments below. 

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