I Choose To Love You | {THE AND} Jeanne & Sonya

I Choose To Love You | {THE AND} Jeanne & Sonya

Jeanne (she/her) and Sonya (she/her) are sisters. They initially crossed paths in high school, only to discover their familial connection during their college years. Their relationship has been a conscientious and loving journey they both embarked on over the years. Self-awareness has played a significant role in shaping the evolution of their sisterhood, contributing to the development of a stronger, deeper, more honest, and more affectionate bond. They help each other navigate and work on their own inner shadows by being very transparent, supportive and caring towards the other. Overall, Jeanne and Sonya's story is a testament to the transformative power of intentional relationships, self-awareness, and the conscious effort to build and maintain a loving bond.

Thank you, Sonya and Jeanne, for joining us in such a beautiful journey of love, connection and self-discovery, your minds, hearts and souls are immensely beautiful and we truly appreciate you giving us some of your precious time. We love you both!

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