Creating New Conversations In the Workspace: {THE AND} Coworkers Edition

Creating New Conversations In the Workspace: {THE AND} Coworkers Edition

Building Professional Connections

Many team are more physically disconnected than ever, but that doesn't mean they cant still form strong bonds. In fact, while in the traditional workplace the average person was spending 90,000 hours at work throughout their lifetime, as more and more people go digital, statistics show people are actually working even more, not less. This offers more time than ever to connect with one another in the workspace.

cards and a box from the and coworkers deck

This is precisely why {THE AND} Coworkers Edition was created. The goal is to discover each other as more than office mates, and get to know the person behind the name badge, with 199 questions geared toward authenticity and communication.

These questions are perfect for teams looking to:

  • Unify and inspire your team with creative questions.
  • Engage in conversations that humanize the workplace.
  • Watch their team come together in a new, meaningful way.

With workplace culture and environments being more important than ever, meaningful, fun, and helpful tools like {THE AND} Coworkers deck can help to foster growth in these areas for any team.


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