Celebrating Humanity: The Skin Deep August Newsletter

Celebrating Humanity:  The Skin Deep August Newsletter

At The Skin Deep August is a month of celebration. Celebrating our community, connections, and humanity. As we go into September, let's take a look at all the incredible things that happened inside The Skin Deep Community this August.

Share Humanity Day 2023

share humanity day

This August marked another year in our annual Share Humanity Day for The Skin Deep. Our celebration of the incredible community that we share and of sharing the connections, conversations, and relationships that make us human. We had another amazing year, thanks to The Skin Deep Community, and we want to say thank you for being the most important part of the ongoing conversation around connection and humanity. We have some truly exciting things planned for next year and it's sure to be our biggest Share Humanity Day ever!


12 Questions For Love: Our First Book!

12 question for love

This August marked the official announcement for our new book from The Skin Deep founder, Topaz Adizes, 12 Questions for Love: A Guide To Intimate Conversations And Deeper Relationships. The book, releasing in January, 2024, is a behind-the-curtain view into not only 12 questions  for deepening any relationship, but a view into what makes {THE AND} so impactful, how to truly create the space to explore and connect, and why the thousands of questions crafted by The Skin Deep have such a profound way of bringing people together. Learn more about 12 Questions for Love and pre-order your copy here. 

Grief Awareness Day: Shining A Light 

grief awareness day

This August marked the 2nd year The Skin Deep has worked to bring awareness to Grief Awareness Day, a national day dedicated to changing that narrative around grief by providing a platform to acknowledge, share, and heal from grief. We've also highlighted the {THE AND} Healing Edition as a way to work through grief and begin to heal, in addition to discounting the deck and all healing related bundles. With these tools we hope to provide a structured framework for opening up and connecting with others who have experienced loss.

The Skin Deep Founder Topaz Adizes MUD/WTR Interview

muwtr podcast interview with topaz adizes

Earlier this month, Topaz Adizes, founder of The Skin Deep, appeared on epiosde #115 of the MUDWTR Trends with Benefits podcast. Here, he discussed how the space between listening and reacting creates stronger relationships, how to create deeper connections at home, and vulnerability, humanity, and more. Check out the full podcast and article on the MUD/WTR blog


A Month of Incredible {THE AND} Videos

This August we released five new {THE AND} videos and you made it clear that you loved them! With over 10 million combined views, and counting, we have been truly humbled to see such a massive outpouring of support. 

I Don't Feel Like A Father:  Keisha & Andrew Return to {THE AND}

During their seventh round on {THE AND} the couple talks about their new day to day dynamics with their 4 month baby girl. They discuss the different challenges of parenthood and their wishes for their newly grown family, how love grows in ways you didn’t think were possible, their immense and continuously expanding love for each other and how their baby has changed their relationship for the better.


My Deepest Regret As Your Father | {THE AND} Topaz & Ichak

Topaz (he/him, founder of The Skin Deep) and Ichak (he/him) are son and father. On their second round on {THE AND} they talk about parenthood and Ichak's regrets as a father, how Topaz is taking a different fatherly direction than the one he lived as a kid, and how their lineage carries a lot of built-up anger and it affects the way they raise their children.


I Wouldn't Change A Damn Thing | {THE AND} Victoria & Kristin

Victoria (she/they) & Kristin (she/her) have been together for the past 2 years. They went through some bumps in the beginning of their relationship but these only made their bond tighter and stronger. Together, they've learnt how to be more empathetic, how to listen and understand each other on a deeper level. They have several plans for their future as a couple but are in no rush getting there, they trust the process and the profound love they have for one another.


 Why You Gotta Keep Saying The D Word? | {THE AND} V & Asha

V (she/her) & Asha (she/her) have been best friends for 12 years, they've both learned many significant and life changing lessons from each other, they have overcome adversity together and have gotten to know one another very well in the midst of it. There's plenty of love, patience and communication involved in their relationship and those are the things that have gotten their connection to get so deep, supportive and long lasting.


I'm Blown Away By You | {THE AND} Shiloh & Keith

Shiloh (she/her) & Keith (he/him) have been together for 11 years. In their relationship, they've both learned how to express their feelings to each other in a healthy way, how to approach any problem from a place of understanding, empathy and deep listening, and how to add value to one another's lives. They did long distance for a while and became very supportive of each other; shortly after getting married they found out about Shiloh's endometriosis and it led to them always try and address conflict with love, care and respect.


In Summary

What a month! We couldn't have done it without you, our Skin Deep community! Thank you again for an amazing Share Humanity Day and even more amazing August. We will see you all in September.

With love and gratitude,

The Skin Deep Team





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