Bundles of Love

Bundles of Love

Hey TSD Family,

     We’re super stoked to announce the release of both our STRANGERS + COWORKERS Editions of {THE AND} Card Game. Now you can explore your everyday relationships at work or create new ones wherever you want!


     We’ve also been doing some maintenance on our online shopping experience. All of our bundled deals are now FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE. That’s right, save some money picking whichever 2, 3, or 5 card games you want to add to your collection! Be sure to check it out in the ‘Bundle Discount’ section of our store.


As always, feel free to post and share pictures of your card game experience or favorite questions by using the hashtag #TheAndCG. There’s nothing we love more than hearing back from you and seeing our card games out in the world.

Thank you all for supporting our project!

❤️ TSD

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  • Deejay Saint

    Quick delivery, my wife and I enjoy playing this game all the time. Thank you skin deep

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