Announcing Share Humanity Day, 2022

Announcing Share Humanity Day, 2022

 About Share Humanity Day

Our mission is to create compelling content and card games that bring people together, celebrate humanity, and create authentic human connections.

In that spirit we are once again celebrating Share Humanity Day on August 3th, our biggest community event of the year!

share humanity day. People playing the and card game together outside

Starting this week, as we lead up to Share Humanity Day, we’ll be celebrating human connection by sharing content on social media for the first time, releasing new never before seen videos, and on the actual day of the celebration, offering our biggest and best community discounts of the year, exclusively to members of our community.

What Connects Us Is What Makes Us

Celebrate With Savings

Celebrate and create connections with incredible savings storewide! If you're a subscriber you can save even more as a member of our incredible community.


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