Welcome Catalyzers

Explore The Skin Deep's Reward Program for Exclusive Opportunities, Benefits, and More

What is a Catalyzer?

Cat′a·lyz′er: (noun) A person who brings about or inspires change.

At The Skin Deep, we refer to all of our customers as catalyzers because we believe that our products and experiences are co-created by you! It is a collaboration - that is the intent and understanding of everything we do.

By sharing your stories, participating in our videos, and by having authentic conversations through {THE AND} and Honest X card games you are a catalyst for change.

Benefits of Becoming a VIC (Very Important Catalyzer)

• Exclusive Discounts

• Extended or Early Access to Sales

• Exclusive Access to Live Events (streamed or in-person)

• Early Product Access

• Limited-Edition and Exclusive Products

• Exclusive Opportunities

How to Become a VIC

While all of our customers are catalyzers, you can take advantage of exclusive opportunities by reaching the VIC Rewards level!

Until April 4th, you can become a VIC for only $100 in total purchases.After that, the requirement will increase to spend $150 during any 365 day period (excluding shipping), and you're in! We'll email you and let you know that you've made it and you'll automatically receive special news, opportunities, offers, and more!

The VIC Rewards reset automatically every 365 days to ensure the most active catalyzers are rewarded, so be sure to stay in the loop.