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Ready to create priceless moments of deeper connection with the most important people in your life?
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At The Skin Deep we love the Bloom Community and everything it stands for. 
We’ve put together these Bloom Community exclusive bundles with special discounts just for you. 
Use these toolkits and card games to explore your connection, have intimate, transformative conversations and deepen your relationships with friends and lovers
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    Excited to play

    I haven't been able to do much more than unboxing my bundle. It was nicely packaged, the bright colors are very pleasing to the eye. I did however share some of the topics with my mom and we're both excited to play.

    Package not received as of today 2/27/24

    I’ve enjoyed a previous version of this game so I decided to give this one a try. I haven’t played it just yet. However, it arrived very quickly. Overall, I’m not able to fully review the product because I won’t play it until the end of March.

    A Closer Bond to an Already Close Friend

    I made a friend surprisingly fast after an interaction at a social event with a workout community. I knew she would be a friend that I could have intelligent and engaging conversations with. We just recently celebrated our 4 year friendiversary, and I had the idea to introduce her to {The And} Friends edition. We thought we already covered all the deep conversations during our friendship, but we asked each other questions that really made us think even more deeper about ourselves and each other.

    Thank you for allowing me to get to know my friend even more, and we only played 1 game so far!

    Great card game for an icebreaker or just for fun. Really original.

    Cleaver & helpful

    Our therapist suggested the couples cards to us to spark conversation and connectivity. The cards are helpful and clever conversation starters and awesome learning tools. I highly recommend. Thinking of purchasing more for family & friends.

    10th Valentine's Day

    I got these card for my husband and I. This is our second Valentine's Day married but our 10th Valentine's Day together! It felt like the perfect way to connect on a romantic day. We brought the cards to dinner and played during drinks and apps. At the end of the night we even picked the cards back up! We both agreed the questions weren't ones we would have come up with on our own. While answering the questions, we laughed and we had to think on each answer. Its a great exercise!

    Reconnecting after 14 yrs married

    My husband & I knew we needed more consistent connection but with 4 kids and busy jobs, we’re both so tired at night we just end up sitting on the couch & scrolling. On a whim I bought these cards thinking maybe conversation prompts would help. Over the past 2 weeks we have been in sync and connected like when we were first married!! I’m amazed at what I’m learning about him 14 years into our marriage. I’m telling all my married friends!

    Fun but deeper than expected

    So Amusing really depends on the point of view of who's playing and how you answer. There are some great questions here but if you're expecting over the top silliness its not for you. If you want to really connect with people and at the same time mix in some more light-hearted questions, then this is your game. Great cards but be sure what you're looking for before ordering!

    Family loved them

    Bought to help connect with 3 younger kids and help them to begin learning better connection and conversation skills in a fun and safe way. They really worked! We had such great conversations and the kids really got a chance to think deeper and answer thoughtfully. Definitely recommend.

    So much fun!

    You never know how a co-branded product will be. Will it be a shameless plug or something great? In this case it's the latter! These cards are genuinely fun and perfect for a date night, night out with friends, or really anyone you want to have a fun conversation with. Definitely unique but still has that great Skin Deep quality. Highly recommend.

    What An Incredible Book!

    12 Questions for Love is a book for anyone interested in the multifaceted nature of love and connection. Topaz Adizes' thoughtful exploration and genuine approach make this book hard to put down and an enlightening read. I walked away with not just answers, but a newfound appreciation for the profound journey that is love and a better understanding of how to ask the right questions for meaningful connection in any relationship.

    Love This Game

    Great questions for any couple! Really enjoyed the way they create questions you may not have thought to ask. Definitely feel closer.

    Great questions

    We had so much fun with these questions. They made us think and learn and live so much more

    Fun and interesting

    My spouse and I had fun with it and learned a few things while we were at it...

    So much fun! Another great card game from The Skin Deep. Perfect for a date night or even with friends.

    Great book! Highly recommend for anyone who wants to strengthen their relationships!

    {THE AND} Couples Edition
    Brandy Gillespie
    We love it!

    This is such a good investment for couples!!

    {THE AND} Dating Edition


    I got everything and it came in good condition… they did not check their email and therefore were unable to change my order before it left customer service was seriously lacking and now they spam my email account to get a review.

    I bought these for a married couple who has been married for 16 years and they said this:

    Let them know we are really enjoying the cards. Has led to deeper conversations.

    Love this game

    My boyfriend and I played it on a weekend we spent away together. We pulled only 4 cards each and had over 3hrs of conversation. We’ve been together for just shy of a year and this game has really been fun for us to share together.


    It's so much fun and helps you get to know your partners and friends better

    great conversation starters!

    We got these to help with renewing connection and intimacy in our marriage, and I have to say they are very helpful! We've been talking more like we did when we first started dating. :)